US Birth Certificates FAQ

In these top frequently asked questions, you will learn many details that are important when requesting a vital record. Continue reading here to learn more.

US Standard certificate of live birth

What are birth certificates?

It is a legal document that certifies important details about the moment of birth of a person. These important details are relevant for identification. Among other things, it is proof of age, citizenship, and parentage. This is one of the 4 vital records that you can get from the vital records office. You will need it for several purposes such as enrolling kids for schools, getting a new passport, getting a driver’s license or renewing it, etc.

Why do I need a birth certificate?

This certificate is required for several purposes, especially for those who are registered legally with an authority. This document can be used as a document of identification, it is a formal way to prove your identity in case you don’t have other options available. This is the reason for being asked for legal documentation. Besides the purposes mentioned before, it needs to certify for child support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits.

What do I need to get a birth certificate?

To get this vital record is simple, but long. You will need to address yourself to the vital records office of the state you were born. Once there, you will do some lines for filling a few forms they will give you. You will need to provide some information of identification and also pay the fees. Your birth certificate will arrive some days later. Or, you could do everything online. At US Vital Records, we offer this service so you don’t have to physically go there or do lines. And, we will offer you professional assistance to make everything faster avoiding any delays or penalties.

How much does it cost?

Unlike what most people may believe, a vital record is a document issued by a state level, not at a federal level. Therefore, each state is in charge of regulating the issuing of the file. So, they are in the authority to charge the price they believe fits best. In other words, the price of a birth certificate varies depending on the state.

Where can I get my birth certificate?

You can find your birth records at the vital records office of the state where you were born. You will need to wait in lines for completing the forms they will give you. Then, you will pay the fees of the process. After, they will complete the document by endorsing and sealing it. Finally, you will only have to wait until it arrives at your home or the address you gave.

Can I order a birth certificate online?

Yes. You could either go directly to the vital records office of your native state or online. But, ordering your certificate online is a much simpler process. By clicking here, you can get assistance from us. We will help you have all documents needed ready and avoid any delays or possible additional fees.