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At Vital Records Assist, you can request any Vital Record you might need. This is a Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate. We offer assistance during all the processes, and we provide the fastest service.

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Birth Certificate

One of the most required certificates needed for several legal purposes in the country.

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Marriage Certificate

Official copies of marriage certificates are a common document needed. With our group of experts, it is easier to get.

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Death Certificate

Our team of experts will help you through this process, so it can be easier to get a death certificate from home in the shortest time.

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Divorce Decree

Vital Records Assist knows best how to get your divorce decree in the shortest time and safely.

US Vital

Having to request any type of vital records can be a confusing process and also time-consuming. Each one has different processes and can be a stressful moment. With Vital Records Assist, you will receive a guided process, saving you time and money. We have simplified everything, so you don’t have to worry.

About Us

Vital Records Assist has been creating for helping people with their bureaucratic issues.

All Vital Records are managed at a state level, allowing each state to manage the issuing of it as they believe is best. This can create confusion among the people. Adding the fact that, usually, these processes are long and complex. Vital Records Assist was created to help people with this, so you can get your certificates fast and safely.

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